I’m 62 as I write this. I started an advertising business back in ’95. That business is still going. All the while, I’ve had this passion for greeting cards. I’ve created I don’t know how many. I keep creating them. Words fascinate me. How some words — these strings of letters and spaces — touch us in profound ways.

I’ll keep doing my best to create words, and put them on pieces of paper, that help you to say to someone you care for, some of the things you feel. And yes, customers — just men and women like you and me — should be people we care deeply for. After all, they put bread on our tables. That’s pretty big. That’s a lot more than a lot of other people do!

So let’s love those men and women with words on pieces of paper. It should help business. And it sure makes business a lot nicer when we love the people we work with and for.