Some People are just cool



One of my favorite cards. Why? Because it lifts up the person you send it to! It’s corny, goofy, different, quirky — and cool! It’s cool to tell someone that he or she is cool! How can the person receiving it, NOT feel good, and smile, and chuckle?

And the end result is always simple: ¬†you make them feel good about THEM … and they feel good about YOU!

People often have it backwards. They think they need to tell others why they (the person sending or talking) are cool, and all that other nonsense. So they go on about how they’re ‘proud’ of this and that, how they’ve done this, done that — i.e., it’s all about THEM (the person sending!). All the while, who do we like in our lives? Those who make us feel good … about who WE are. Who lift US up. Compliment us. Say nice, kind things to us.

So simple … and missed by so many. Maybe we live in a super insecure world; I don’t really know. I do know that if you want people to like YOU … make them feel wonderful about who THEY are. And this card does that.


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